Enabling a child’s full potential

Montessori Gardens Children’s House Childcare Centre was established to enable all children to access good quality early education with a Montessori philosophy. At the heart of this purpose is our belief that children flourish by having the freedom to learn in a classroom specially prepared for exploration under the careful guidance of trained educators.

The Centre is available to children from walking to 5 years of age and offers long opening hours (7am to 6pm) to allow working parents to access a quality educational environment for their child and qualify for child the care subsidy.

The Montessori Method was establish by Dr Montessori over 100 years ago and is still relevant to children today. Montessori believed that children will reach their full potential in a prepared environment, with an experienced teacher, where they are able to learn at their own pace and develop a love of learning in a non-competitive environment.

Our aim is for the child to achieve:

Independence and ability to problem solve.
The enjoyment of learning.
The development of order, concentration, and coordination.
Skills in oral communication.
Respect for oneself, other people, and the planet.
Responsible group membership.

Our Service Aims

We emphasise a mixed age group, from walking to five years old, with low student-staff ratios. We employ Montessori-trained educators who take a personal interest in seeing that each child succeeds as a learner, and we have a classroom designed for children to use and enjoy.

Each child is allowed supervised free choice of classroom activities and freedom of movement based on his or her interests, so long as these activities do not disrupt the wellbeing of the class. This promotes initiative and self-confidence.

The children can work on their own or in small groups as they choose. New material is presented to a child individually or in small groups of children at the same level of development. Materials are structured and presented to enable self-teaching and independent activity, which develops self-reliance.

​This emphasises learning through the use of tangible sensory objects, which reinforces memory and understanding. We provide a supportive, carefully prepared environment scaled to the needs of the child and designed to teach a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

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