Caroline Mulcair – Magpies Room


I have been working in Montessori here in Australia for over 6 years. I have worked in Montessori Gardens for two of those years, since having my daughter. I was born in the U.K and lived there till I finished high school before moving to Ireland to study Montessori Teaching.

In Ireland I completed my studies and remained there for  number of years gaining experience teaching the Montessori Method, to different age groups. I migrated here to Australia in January of 2012 and have continued to gain knowledge and experience working at a Montessori centre here.

Since having my daughter in 2016 I value and encourage the Montessori principles in our home as well as at work. I feel this has helped her become a confident and outgoing learner. I am committed to helping other children to have the same opportunities. I have enjoyed working with older children at Montessori Gardens and love the conversations and extended learning opportunities working with these curious minds can bring

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