Dee Monzeglio – Directress In Wrens Room


I have been working in Childcare here in Australia for around 3 years. Before that I owned my own dog grooming business in South Africa. I was born in Johannesburg and lived there till 2015 when I decided to embark on an adventure which brought me here to Australia.

After arriving in Perth I met a family that changed my professional direction. They had a little boy, around 18months old and this young man showed me how amazing young children can really be. I was hooked and decided that working with young children was where my future lay. This led me to study my Diploma in Early Childhood Education, which I completed in 2018.

I worked at a couple of centers, across a wide range of ages, from babies all the way up to primary school aged children. I had heard about Montessori from people I worked with, so when an opportunity to work in a Montessori center came up I jumped at the chance.

I’ve been here at Montessori Gardens for about a year and I’m in love with the philosophy and eager to learn more. I currently work with the youngest children in the centre but my interest, especially in Montessori is wider than that. I am looking forward to attending Montessori workshops in all age groups so I can expand and extend my knowledge. I love coming into work each day as it feels like home. It is so nice to have such strong relationships with staff and families. We really are tight knit group, I’m glad I found this place and everybody in it.

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