Frequently asked questions

How can I enrol my child at Montessori Gardens?

When you have visited our centre or made a decision that you wish to enrol at our centre, you fill out a waiting list form.. Children can be placed on the waiting list at any time and there is no charge to place a child on our waiting list. Once a place is available you will be offered the place and we will send you an online registration form via email. You fill in this form and submit it and we will then process the enrolment form.

Can I claim Child Care Subsidy towards my fees?

To claim the child care subsidy you will need to lodge an application through Centrelink or your MyGov account. They will calculate the subsidy and send it directly to us. You then need to pay any remaining balance.

How do you keep me informed of my child’s progress?

We use a program called KeptMe to send regular pictures, observations and progress updates. We also have parent meetings available in the afternoons and encourage parents to book in for one of these every six months or so.

How can I provide feedback?

We have a feedback and suggestions box in the front office or you can go to our facebook page to provide feedback or review our centre.

How can I keep up-to-date with the centre?

You can subscribe to the Montessori Gardens monthly newsletter or follow the Montessori Gardens Facebook page.

Opening Hours:

7am – 6pm
Monday to Friday

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