Magpies Room


The children in this classroom range from two and half years of age through to around four and a half to five years of age. This classroom provides a more structured educational program delivered by a trained Montessori Educator. The children in this age group are on a one to five or one to ten ratio depending on their age. The staff in this room are on regular shifts each day to provide predictable and familiar routines and consistency of care.

This classroom has its own dedicated outdoor area with equipment and experiences the right size and challenge level for these older children.  This classroom has a wonderful, spacious outdoor environment with chickens and a veggie garden as well as the more usual sandpit, bikes and grass area.  The children are able to access to lots of nature based educational experiences aimed to be interesting and challenging for our oldest children. As this area is a dedicated area for the Magpies use these children do not have to share with other classrooms or younger children.

You will notice the furniture and activities are made especially of a size and accessibility that allows the children to engage at will and have independence and agency in their play.

The team who work in the Magpies room are Caroline, Della, Shannon, and Karen. You might also see Princess and Ria in this room as they are our regular relief staff.

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